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Stainless Steel Flexmesh

Flexible Stainless Wire Mesh for Balustrade, Security and Wall Gardens

Living Green Wall


Stainless Steel FlexMesh offers an aesthetically pleasing, cost-competitive, durable and lightweight stainless wire balustrade infill. FlexMesh also provides the ideal stainless trellis for vertical garden systems or green walls that form an integral part of an architectural design. Vertical gardens made from flexible stainless mesh offer shading and reduce the heat island effect of urban buildings. Flexible Stainless Steel Mesh creates a living green wall system that is easy to install on walls or fences using traditional stainless steel tubes or stainless cables.


FlexMesh for Vertical Garden Pergola

Stainless steel FlexMesh provides security and is an easy to install alternative to balustrades for bridges, staircases, marinas and multi-storey carparks, large barrier fences, animal enclosures and vertical gardens on building facades. The durability of the thin stainless wire rope mesh is ideally suited for light, transparent commercial structures under extremely high loads in harsh environments. Where security, fall protection and transparency are required, such as mezzanine floors, this load-rated stainless mesh can be incorporated into the architectural structure. A FlexMesh green wall offers an environmentally competitive option to reduce graffiti on building facades.


Sample of Flexmesh

Made from high quality ASIS 316 marine stainless cable and secured with seamless stainless steel ferrules for added strength and corrosion resistance, FlexMesh provides cost competitive, low maintenance stainless steel fencing and balustrade mesh for coastal areas. Stainless steel standoff brackets and easy to crimp stainless eye terminals are available to attach the custom made panels to building facades.


Gasworks Plaza, Newstead, Brisbane City (Click a Picture to Enlarge)

Flexmesh Holmesglen Green Wall Flexmesh Holmesglen Green Wall

    Download "Gasworks Plaza, Newstead, Brisbane City" Case Study


Stainless Garden Trellis at Bendigo Botanic Gardens (Click a Picture to Enlarge)

Flexmesh Holmesglen Green Wall Flexmesh Holmesglen Green Wall

    Download "Grape Walk Arbour, Bendigo Botanic Gardens" Case Study


Stainless Steel Fencing at Greencape Lighthouse NSW (Click a Picture to Enlarge)

Flexmesh railing at Greencape Lighthouse Flexmesh secured to frame
Flexmesh Balustrade at Greencape Lighthouse


FlexMesh Green Wall at Holmesglen, Victoria (Click a Picture to Enlarge)

Flexmesh Holmesglen Green Wall Flexmesh Holmesglen Green Wall


Urbis Brisbane Plant Trellils (Click a Picture to Enlarge)

Flexmesh Plant Trellils Flexmesh Plant Trellils
Flexmesh Plant Trellils Fitting


Greenwall trellis at Lara Village, Melbourne (Click a Picture to Enlarge)

Flexmesh Lara Village Green Wall  

The BeneFits of Green Walls

Green walls improve the thermal performance of a building. Green facades also reduce pollution in cities and improve the air quality for inhabitants. A green wall on a FlexMesh stainless support is always welcome as part of a major development provided the correct plants are used. The green vegetation shades, insulates and cools the wall. It also acts as a wind barrier.

Crucial to the survival of a green wall is sunlight. As a result, shading and location are important when selecting plants for dark inner city locations and plant selection should be discussed with a qualified urban horticulturalist. Suitable plants for Green Facades in Victoria

S316 Offset Spacer

S316 Offset Spacer

These welded marine stainless steel standoffs have a 100mm diameter base and a centre tube with a 9.5mm I.D. They are used, in conjunction with threaded stainless rod and eye nuts, to hold stainless wire rope off a building wall when it is used to support FlexMesh flexible stainless mesh.

Description Our
OSS-100 S316 Offset Spacer, 100mm high $30.00
OSS-150 S316 Offset Spacer, 150mm high $35.00


Stainless Eye TerminalStainless Eye Terminal

By combining transparency, strength and durability, FlexMesh offers an attractive security mesh for transport hubs and other locations where it is necessary to separate the public from secure areas.

Description Our
SET-12 S316 Stainless Eye Terminal for swaging 2x1.2mm strands of stainless wire rope $0.80
SET-16 S316 Stainless Eye Terminal for swaging 2x1.6mm strands of stainless wire rope $0.80
SET-20 S316 Stainless Eye Terminal for swaging 2x2.0mm strands of stainless wire rope $0.80

FlexMesh's 3D flexibility provides a light and almost invisible fall protection barrier. It is an example of how technical and aesthetic demands can be combined as an integral part of architectural components. The mesh can be fixed in either the horizontal or vertical direction depending on the application and the appearance required.

Flex Mesh Diagram Horizontal Flex Mesh Diagram Vertical


FlexMesh is custom manufactured to ISO9001 standards in widths and lengths to suit your balustrade, railing or architectural application. Diagonal and irregular shapes can also be supplied. Mesh sizes range from 30mm x 30mm to 250mm x 250mm with stainless cable diameters from 1.5mm to 4mm.

Wire Rope
Wire Rope
KN mm mm
7X19 7.38 3.2 150 x 260
7X19 7.38 3.2 120 x 208
7X19 7.38 3.2 100 x 173
7X19 7.38 3.2 90 x 156
7X7 4.18 2.4 150 x 260
7X7 4.18 2.4 120 x 208
7X7 4.18 2.4 100 x 173
7X7 4.18 2.4 90 x 156
7X7 4.18 2.4 80 x 139
7X7 3.17 2.0 150 x 260
7X7 3.17 2.0 120 x 208
7X7 3.17 2.0 100 x 173
7X7 3.17 2.0 90 x 156
7X7 3.17 2.0 80 x 139
7X7 3.17 2.0 70 x 121
7X7 3.17 2.0 60 x 104
7X7 2.17 1.6 120 x 208
7X7 2.17 1.6 100 x 173
7X7 2.17 1.6 80 x 139
7X7 2.17 1.6 60 x 104
7X7 2.17 1.6 51 x 87
7X7 1.22 1.2 80 x 139
7X7 1.22 1.2 60 x 104
7X7 1.22 1.2 50 x 87
7X7 1.22 1.2 40 x 69
Flex Mesh Geometry Photo Flex Mesh Diagram

Mesh width is the distance from the middle of one ferrule to the middle of the next one. Optimum tension is achieved when a 60o angle is formed between the two equilateral triangles. Once installed, FlexMesh structures are very stable because the tension is distributed evenly over the entire mesh.

Flex Mesh as Supplied


To accommodate the forces generated by the mesh when it is fully tensioned and to ensure stability and tension, FlexMesh must be secured in place by stainless cables or stainless tubes. This suppporting structure allows the mesh to flex when a force is applied and for the force to be transferred to the perimeter structure holding it. This defection allows for a wide variety of three dimensional shapes to be presented to the structure. Where a regular mesh pattern is required, the mesh can be laced directly onto a rod or tube frame.


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