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Our marine grade stainless steel handrails offer that sort-after attractive, clean look. Our DIY stainless handrail fittings are easy to install with no welding or repolishing required. YOU BASICALLY JUST NEED A TAPE MEASURE AND A DRILL - ITS THAT SIMPLE.

Why waste your money and pay for a professional to do it..... you can easily do it yourself and save money by using our wide range of stainless steel handrail fittings and our on-call technical support to guide you through the process.

Description and Price List

Although stainless steel posts and handrails are more expensive than timber or aluminium they offer that high quality, much admired look which pays for itself year after year.

Installing our stainless handrails is just a matter of attaching the base plates to your deck with simple fixing, and clicking the stainless handrail fittings together for that strong and permanent look.

Just call, fax or email us with your requirements and we will discuss what your best options are, so you can achieve that fantastic look without wasting your hard earned money. We can supply all the fittings you need with a full range of bend, swivels, elbows, corner fittings, etc. All we need then are the measurements between your posts.

Stainless Handrail Hints

Most customers prefer using round 2" posts with either timber or stainless steel tube as the handrail. And if you want stainless steel intermediate posts, we can supply a range of 25mm, 50mm pre-drilled round posts or our very popular pre-drilled flat bar intermediate posts.

To compliment your stainless steel handrail and posts we can pre-swage your balustrade wires to fit. Create an ultra slimline look by tensioning the wire inside the post. Options include using an Allen Key Head Tensioner (System F and G) or using nutserts as the anchor points (System S).

What look do you want?

This decision can sometimes be the hardest, but whatever stainless handrail design you choose, you can be sure it will look great, be easy to maintain, last a lifetime and be the envy of your friends.

Stainless steel handrail with vertical wires Stainless steel stair handrail
Exterior stainless steel handrails  


Got a stainless stairway handrail to do ?

Stainless steel stairway handrail

For many years this has been a problem, but with our patented self adjusting stainless swivel fittings we have solved this dilemma and you can easily install your wires, just as if they were horizontal. All you need is an anchor hole that allows the stainless swivel fitting to screw into it. These look great and take all the guess work out of trying to drill at an angle.

Stainless steel fittinf for staircase

We can guarantee the quality of our competitively priced stainless steel handrail fittings because they are made from prime quality, marine grade 316 grade stainless steel and are tested throughout the production process. Stock is available by express delivery.