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System M - Stainless Wire Balustrade Kit for Masonry

Masonry Anchor Swaged Stud Slimline Balustrade System

Price: $14.20 per run (cut to length and factory swaged) + wire + GST

System M Stainless Wire Balustrade Kit for Masonry


This professional looking, slimline stainless wire balustrade is specially designed for use with concrete or masonry anchor points. The Masonry Anchor Swaged Stud Slimline Balustrade System (System M) should not be used with cavity bricks or hollow core masonry blocks. The stainless steel balustrade fittings can be pre-swaged to your exact measurements in our factory, or you can hire one of our easy to use hydraulic swaging tools and swage the stainless balustrade wires yourself. When properly installed into solid concrete or masonry, the M6 x 50mm stainless drop in anchors have a tensile working load of 2.1Kn.


How to install stainless wire balustrade kits into masonry and concrete

System M stainless steel balustrading is easy to install. All you need is a ruler, masonry drill, masonry drill bit, hammer, rod or setting tool and spanner.

  1. Use the template to mark your holes.
  2. Drill 8mm diameter holes to a depth of exactly 50mm. A piece of tape can be wrapped around your drill at this depth.
  3. Insert the Stainless Drop in Anchor into the hole and push down until it bottoms.
  4. Insert a rod or setting tool (punch) into the mouth of the anchor and hit it with a hammer to drive the expander plug down and lock the drop in anchor into the hole. The shoulder of the punch should finish level with the top of the anchor.
  5. The balustrade wire with LHT/RHT stainless swage studs attached is then screwed into the inserts at each end to tension the wire. The stainless balustrade wires can only be tightened until the thread "bottoms" on the expanded plug.
  6. To cover any damage caused by drilling the holes, stainless steel washers can be inserted between the swage studs and the anchor points.

When using stainless wire balustrading with swaged studs we recommend 3.2mm 1 x 19 stainless steel wire rope. This is the smoothest and strongest wire for stainless wire balustrading.

These stainless steel balustrade kits are suitable for runs up to 10 metres.

Balustrade wires can be spaced 80mm apart provided the distance between the intermediate posts is no greater than 1200mm.

Do not bend wire balustrade around corners. It can damage the wire, put excessive stress on the anchor posts and make it difficult to tension.

The tension of the wire can be checked by hanging a full 2lt milk container on the wire in the mid-point between the posts and measuring the deflection. If the wire deflects more than is allowed by the BCA Guidelines then it will need to be tensioned further. Be careful not to over tension the wires as this will put excessive strain on your anchor points.

Stainless steel balustrade supplies are available from AAA Metal Suppliers' Sydney showroom and Wollongong factory.