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System F - Stainless Balustrade Kit

Tensioner with Swage Stud and Flat Head Slimline Balustrade System

Price: $12.50 per run (cut to length and factory swaged) + wire + GST

System F - Stainless Balustrade Kit


Our Tensioner with Swage Stud and Flat Head Slimline Balustrade System (System F) tensions the balustrade wire inside the post and offers a professional and slimline look.  System F stainless steel balustrade is useful where timber or steel anchor posts are being used and when two balustrade wires do not need to be terminated on a corner post.  The stainless swage studs can be pre-swaged to the wires in our factory or you can hire one of our easy to use hydraulic swaging tools and swage them yourself.  The stainless balustrade tensioner is tightened using a 6mm Allen key.



How to install slimline wire balustrade kits

The Tensioner with Swage Stud and Flat Head Slimline Balustrade System balustrade kit is easy to install.  All you need is a tape, drill, drill bit and 6mm Allen Key.  Just follow the steps in “DIY Stainless Wire Balustrading the AAA way” or our System F Stainless Wire Balustrading instructional video.

When installing stainless wire balustrading System F we recommend using 3.2mm 1 x 19 stainless steel wire rope which is the smoothest and strongest wire rope for stainless steel balustrades.

System F stainless steel balustrade kits are suitable for runs up to 10 metres. Runs up to around 15 metres are possible by swaging a tensioner to each end (System G).

The stainless balustrade wires can be spaced 80mm apart provided the distance between the intermediate posts is no greater than 1200mm.

Do not bend wire balustrade around corners.  It can damage the wire, put excessive stress on the anchor posts and make it difficult to tension.  Runs of System F cannot be used on corner posts.

The tension of the stainless wire can be checked by hanging a full 2lt milk container on the wire in the mid-point between the posts and measuring the deflection.  If the wire deflects more than is allowed by the BCA Guidelines then it will need to be tensioned further.  Be careful not to over tension the balustrade wires as this will put excessive strain on your anchor posts.

Installation Basics

Drill a 7.5mm hole into the outer face of the anchor post.  This will allow the FLAT HEAD TERMINAL to locate itself in the post as the wire is passed through the hole.  Feed the wire (with Terminal Stud swaged to other end) through the intermediate post (you need a 7.5mm hole if no nylon grommet is used and 9.0mm hole if  grommets are to be used).

Drill an 8.5mm hole in the other anchor post to locate the ALLEN KEY TENSIONER (H-TEN-06).  Push the ALLEN KEY TENSIONER into the hole.  Feed the swaged stud into the hole until it meets up with the ALLEN KEY TENSIONER (H-TEN-06).

Rotate the ALLEN KEY TENSIONER to screw it to the swaged terminal stud.  Use a suitable size Allen key to rotate the ALLEN KEY TENSIONER until the desired tension is achieved in the stainless balustrade wire.

Stainless balustrade supplies are available from AAA Metal Suppliers' showroom in Sydney and factory in Wollongong.