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At AAA Metal Suppliers we help you achieve a professional quality stainless balustrade, whilst saving you money. Our high quality stainless steel balustrade wire and marine grade stainless balustrade fittings have proven themselves in the marketplace for many years and have been used by professional balustraders, builders and DIY customers with outstanding results. Please take a look at gallery provided by customers using our DIY balustrading kits.


DIY Stainless Wire Balustrading the AAA Way

DIY Stainless Wire Balustrading Guide

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"DIY Stainless Wire Balustrading the AAA Way"

DIY balustrading using AAA Metal Suppliers stainless wire rope and stainless balustrade fittings is easy and only requires a basic set of tools including a measuring tape and a drill. We can offer hydraulic pre-swaged balustrade wires cut to fit your posts together with the stainless fittings of your choice or, if you prefer, we can supply you with the parts and tools needed to hand swage your balustrade fittings.

It is as easy as providing us with the measurements between the posts you will be anchoring the wire from and we shall phone/fax/email a quote to you with a range of stainless steel balustrading options. Please note; while most Councils have adopted the Building Code of Australia Regulations for the spacing, position and installation of stainless balustrading, some have their own particular requirements. We recommend that you check with your local council's building department before commencing this work.

Why not become one of our many hundreds of satisfied DIY stainless balustrade customers and enjoy the savings, the ease of installation and the joy of achieving a professional looking job.


If you intend to hand swage the fittings yourself, the most common and cost-effective DIY balustrade kits use flexible wire rope that has a thimble and ferrule at each end and is tensioned using a Jaw/Jaw Rigging Screw. This gives a balanced, neat looking job.

Other DIY stainless balustrade customers prefer the smoother line of hydraulically swaged stainless balustrade fittings (swaging is undertaken in our workshop or we can rent you an hydraulic swaging tool). These stainless balustrade kits usually involve a Jaw/Terminal Swaged Rigging (Bottle) Screw at one end of the wire and a Swaged Fork Terminal at the other.

For timber posts, we offer a range of Wood Lag Eye Screws, Threaded Inserts or Saddles to attach the stainless balustrade wire.