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Type 6 Stainless Handrail DIY Kit
Wall Handrail mounted with Round Elbow Wall Plates


Fittings (Satin Finish) $55 + GST per set. Add 1.6mm x 38.1mm handrail tube @$35/m + GST.

Stainless Handrail DIY Kit Type 6 contains
Each Type 6 Kit Contains
2 x S316 wall mounted elbow plates (3 hole)
Handrail Tube Cut to Length
An installation accessory kit is also available from $15.
An optional layout for stairs with a landing is also available.
Stainless Handrail DIY Kit Type 6 with Landing
Stainless Handrail DIY Kit Type 6 with Landing contains
This requires an additional adjustable elbow @$45+GST

Our stylish and elegant wall mounted stainless steel handrails, with elbow wall plates cast from S316 stainless steel, are ideal for securing round handrails to the walls of internal staircases. They can be rotated to any angle as required by the pitch of the staircase. Perfect for internal and external use. Maintenance free and will last for the life of the building.

  • Engineered for structural integrity
  • Made from S316 marine grade stainless steel for low maintenance
  • Available in 38.1mm diameter stainless steel tube
  • Modular, no-weld components for simple and fast assembly
  • Flat pack delivery for difficult access areas
  • Flush connection points for a smoother, safer finish
  • Ideal for new projects, retrofitting or upgrades
  • Wide range of configurations available
  • Designed to comply with Australian and New Zealand building codes and standards

Type 6 Wall Handrail is quick to install, has no exposed ends, extremely strong and guaranteed for 20 years. Recommended for lengths up to 1800mm. For longer distances, additional rail support brackets should be used.

Save money and Do It Yourself with help from our on-call technical support and instructional videos that guide you through the process.

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Video - Installing Wall Handrail mounted with Round Elbow Wall Plates

video is coming soon...

Tips to installing Type 6 DIY stainless handrails for stairs

Type 6 wall mounted handrails with elbow plates at each end are easy to install. It is just a matter of attaching the base plates to your wall with simple fixing, and pressing the stainless handrail fittings together for that strong and permanent look.

Step 1.

If attaching to a cavity wall, locate the vertical timber studs using a stud finder or similar. Mark the wall to show the centre of the studs.

Step 2.

Measure the distance between the centres of the studs you intend to attach the wall mounted elbow plates to. If you require us to cut the handrail tube for you, please tell us the distance between the centres of the studs and the angle of the rail (if not horizontal).

Step 3.

Assemble the elbow wall plates and tube together.

Step 4.

Mark the holes for attaching the elbow wall plates to the wall.

Step 5.

Using a suitable pilot drill, drill the screw holes for attaching the handrail to the wall.

Step 6.

Screw the handrail to the wall studs.

Step 7.

To prevent the handrail from rotating we recommend that you insert a stainless pop rivet (or screw) 15mm from each end. (You will need to centre punch the handrail tube and drill a suitable size hole through the tube and elbow.)

Step 8.

Clean and polish your handrail.


When measuring the handrail tube, be sure to allow for the length of the elbow wall plates shoulders.
When cutting the handrail tube the best results can be obtained by using either a metal cutting saw or a drop saw with an abrasive blade. File off any burrs and polish out the burr marks using a 3M scourer or similar. Never use steel wool as this will cause discolouration of the stainless handrail.
If you are using mirror polished tube be careful to avoid any scratches or damage.
If you are using satin finished tube, slight imperfections can be rubbed out using a 3M scourer or similar.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements or if you have any questions.


Our stainless handrails are shipped from AAA Metal Suppliers' factory in Wollongong.