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The Bralo TR-308 Rivet Nut Tool

The Bralo TR-308 Professional Rivet Nut Tool is designed for trade and home use, both indoor and outdoor. The arms and body are manufactured from high quality steel. The innovative design and ergonomic handles guarantee that minimum effort is required to crimp even large nutserts into position.

Bralo TR-308 Blind Rivet-Nut- Tool


  • Mandrel releases easily from the crimped blind rivet nut
  • The tool is simple to set up and adjust for different length blind rivet nuts
  • Easy to change from Right Hand Threaded to Left Hand Threaded mandrels
  • Less moving parts to wear out
  • 2 year warranty

The TR-308 and its fittings come in a sturdy plastic case. The case includes five mandrels and nose pieces for inserting M3 to M8 Right Hand Threaded Rivet Nuts, two spanners and instructions. Long lasting mandrels are also available for inserting M6 left hand threaded rivet nuts.

Bralo TR-308 Blind Rivet-Nut- Tool

The Bralo Rivet Nut Tool will insert aluminium, steel, stainless or brass rivet nuts inside a tube. Rivet-nuts are used in a wide range of applications in metal, fiberglass and rigid plastic too thin for tapped threads. Rivet nuts provide a neat appearance and an internal thread for a screw or bolt. Rivet-nuts provide permanent, captive threads that do not allow loosening under vibration and will not rotate when crimped inside the tube.

Bralo TR-308 Blind Rivet-Nut- Tool

Adjusting the settings and changing the long lasting mandrels is easy.

Step-by-step instructions are available on our  YouTube Video. youTube Video Icon

To order, call Steve today on 02 4272 1077. Only $176.00 including GST.