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Webbing tape for slings and booms

Yuan Da offers a range of high tensile polypropylene and polyester webbing tape for industrial applications such as lifting and hoisting slings, tarpaulins, land fill covers, bulk bags and flexible containers, tie-downs, cargo nets, cargo handling, agricultural ties, pull straps, tents, shade structures and green houses. Webbing tape is useful for applications where wire rope or chain would damage the exterior of the load and/or the weight of the sling would cause additional issues during the lift.

Made from superior quality, high tenacity yarn, this high performance, UV protected webbing provides top performance under a wide range of environmental conditions. Webbing can be supplied in widths from 10–75mm.



Woven Polypropylene Bulk Bags

Yuan Da's range of woven polypropylene bags includes: U-Panel Bags; Circular Woven Bags with short and full loops; Coated and Non Coated Bags: PE Lined Bags; Square; and Round Type Bags. The bags come with several options: Open Top; Conical Top; Duffle Top; Filling Spout; Closed Bottom; Discharge Spout with petal closure or swan neck; Discharge Spout with diaper; Belt Lifting; Rope Lifting and Stevedore Lifting.



Special purpose bags such as: Baffle Bags (to maximise the space of the container during transportation); Sift Proof Bags (with leak-proof seams); Double Wall Bags; Breathable Bags (for agricultural products which require ventilation); and Dangerous Goods Bags are also available. All bags are UV Stabilised (0.3% active HALS treated).



HDPE root control barrier

Our High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Root Control Barrier is inert and durable. This tough membrane provides a flexible, impenetrable barrier against tree roots and keeps the moisture in. When correctly installed it effectively reduces damage caused by roots entering sensitive sub-surface areas such as services, house foundations and footpaths.

HDPE Root Control Barrier::

  • Stops the spread of roots to unwanted areas;
  • Protects concrete paths and pipes, etc;
  • Is easy to install;
  • Is cost effective;
  • Provides long term protection.

safety mesh

We can supply a range of UV stabilised, bright orange-coloured, extruded plastic mesh designed to offer a visual and a physical barrier around construction sites. The mesh prevents access to temporarily cordoned off areas ensuring a safe environment.

Typical Values

Standard grade

Size:               1.2m x 30.5m
Material:         HDPE 
Mesh size:     95mm x 30mm
Colour:           Orange

Density (g/m2) Weight/roll (kg)
100 3.7
110 4.0
120 4.4
140 5.12
160 5.9
180 6.6
200 7.35
250 9.2

Heavy Grade

Size:               1m x 50m
Material:         HDPE 
Mesh size:     95mm x 30mm
Colour:           Orange

Density (g/m2) Weight/roll (kg)
100 5.0
110 5.5
120 6.0
140 7.0
160 8.0
180 9.0>
200 10.0
250 12.5