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Geosynthetic Bentonite Liner (GCL)


GCL lined artificial lake at Nanjing Olympic Stadium GCL Production Line
GCL lined artificial lake at Jiang Ning Sports Stadium Changzhou Liyang landfill: 100,000m2 of GCL-5000


Yuan Da's Geosynthetic Bentonite Clay Liner or GCL, is manufactured from high quality bentonite to meet international standards. It has been used in major projects in China, Europe, South America and Australia.

The Bentonite Clay Liner is made by distributing a uniform layer of granular sodium bentonite between two geotextiles. Using fine American needles, fibres from the upper non-woven geotextile are randomly needle-punched through the layer of bentonite and into the sulzer woven polypropylene geotextile. This process results in an even waterproof layer and a strong mechanical bond between the fabrics.

Yuan Da GCL is suitable for landfill base lining, landfill caps and closures, liquid containment, cut off walls, ponds, dams, lagoons and tunnels. The GCL with bonded PE membrane is specially designed for sub-basement waterproofing applications.


  • The black woven layer facilitates visual checking of the stitching quality as the liner is being laid.
  • Production facilities are ISO9001 and CE accredited.
  • All products are fully guaranteed by one of the largest textile corporations in China.
  • Granulated bentonite offers Occupational Health and Safety benefits compared to powdered bentonite.
  • Yuan Da GCL is available in grades from 3500g/m2 to 5500g/m2 with or without a PE membrane bonded to it. 
  • Available in rolls up to 5.8 m wide
  • Production capacity of 7.5 million m2/year
  • Direct shipping to major Australian ports, thus saving transport costs.
Technical Data
  Test Standard Units Grade
Bentonite     GCL-4500
Swell Index ASTM D-5890 ml/2g > 26
Fluid Loss ASTM-D-5891 ml < 18
Moisture Content ASTM D-4643 % < 13
Coefficient of Water Absorption ASTM D-4643 % > 600
Polyester Cover (non-woven) ASTM D 5261 g/m2 200
PP Carrier (woven) ASTM D 5261 g/m2 100
Yuan Da Liner (as manufactured)*
Quality Assurance ISO 9001;   Yes
GCL Total Mass ASTM D-5993 g/m2 > 4500
Bentonite Mass ASTM D-5993 g/m2 > 4200
GCL Rupture Intensity Strength ASTM D-6768 kN/m > 10.4
Grab Strength (MD/CMD) ASTM D-4632 N > 600/800
CBR Strength GB/T 14800-1993 N > 1800
CBR Elongation GB/T15788-1995 % > 15
Peel Strength ASTM D-6496 N > 72
Hydraulic conductivity k-value
ASTM D-5887 m/s < 5x10-10
Dimensions - can be varied according to customer's requirements
Width   m 5.1
Length   m 30
Effective Coverage per Roll
(5.1m x 30m excluding overlap requirements)
  m2 153


  DOWNLOAD BROCHURE - Yuan Da Geosynthetic Clay Liner    

  DOWNLOAD BROCHURE - Yuan Da Geosynthetic Clay Liner with PE Membrane    



Geocoating Liners

PMC lined artificial Potable Water Aquaduct

This cutting edge liner technology combines the properties of geofabrics with proprietary coatings to deliver a range of flexible impervious membrane liners for use in rigid (concrete) and flexible (earthen) applications. Known as geocomposites and geocoatings, these liners are engineering led solutions designed to suit specific design and construction applications. For example having a long service life (30+ years) when exposed to high levels of UV or serviceability in highly aggressive environments.

Traditional geomembrane materials are not competent structural members and require a suitable supporting material to be effective. There are materials that can sustain higher shear forces and others that can accommodate movement with less likelihood of rupture. Some geomembrane materials require a very smooth surface to support them whilst others are able to accommodate rougher surfaces without loss of effectiveness. Geocoated liners have been designed to address all of the above issues currently limiting the widespread use of flexible liners in water storage and irrigation modernisation programs. They are developed to be an engineering solution.

The ITM Liner System* is a geocomposite (polyethylene laser bonded between two specified geotextiles), saturated with a specified geocoating such as acrylic, polyurea or cementitous compounds. This achieves the gas and liquid impermeability of polyethylenes without the material failure and costs associated with weld joins, thermal expansion, wrinkles and susceptibility to scoring. The geocomposite/geocoating provide installation and in-use protection.

The PMC Liner System™ is a polymer modified cementitous geocoating applied over a range of specially designed geotextiles and geocomposites. These range from very high tensile fibreglass reinforced geofabrics to non woven polypropylenes. The result is a very strong and damage resistant liner system designed for installation in tough working environments. The PMC  Liner System™ is naturally UV resistant with no discernible methods of degradation (the inorganics act as a sunscreen).The PMC Liner System’s™ tear, burst and puncture resistance provide strong protection against damage by cattle and kangaroos. The textured surface assists trafficability and the coating achieves the highest UL-94 fire resistance rating (self extinguishing and only surface damage). The PMC Liner System does not require replacement; it can be recoated. In addition, it has exceptionally low repair and maintenance costs compared with polyolefins, such as HDPE, etc.


  DOWNLOAD BROCHURE - 13 PMC Liner System Product Specification    

  DOWNLOAD BROCHURE - 10 ITL ITM Liner Product Data Sheet    



Lining materials - HDPE, LDPE, PVC, EVA, EPDM

Yuan Da supplies a range of HDPE, LPDE and reinforced PVC lining materials. These liners are made from new materials (not recycled) and can be manufactured in varying thicknesses to suit particular applications such as:

  • Landfills
  • Waste Water Treatment Plant liners
  • Mining applications
  • Irrigation canal liners
  • Ponds
  • Secondary Containment liners (eg: bunds)
  • Non potable water containment lagoons
  • Irrigation dams

Our HDPE Liner is available in a range of thicknesses and profiles - smooth, single side rough or double sided rough. The liner is manufactured to international standards. Details of the Quality Assessment of the Manufacturing Process are available on request.


Technical Data
Item Unit Value Test Method
Thickness mm 1.50 ASTM D5199
Density g/cc 0.94 ASTM D1505/D792
Tensile properties:      
Strength at break KN/m 40 ASTM D6693 Type IV
Strength at yield KN/m 22 ASTM D6693 Type IV
Elongation at break % 700 ASTM D6693 Type IV
Elongation at yield % 12 ASTM D6693 Type IV
Tensile resistance N 222 ASTM D1004
Puncture resistance N 534 ASTM D4833
Stress crack resistance hours 300 ASTM D5397
Carbon Black Content % 2.0-3.0 ASTM D1603
Oxidative Induction Time minute 100 ASTM D3895
Oven aging at 85oC. Standard
OIT retained after 90 days
% 55 ASTM D5721
ASTM D3895
UV Resistance: High Pressure
OIT retained after 1600 hours
% 50 ASTM D5885
Roll length M 141
Roll width M 7
Reinforced PVC used for Taihu Lake rehabilitation project
PVC Reinforced Liner Specifications
Thickness 0.74mm
Weight 880g/m2
Draw Strength(N/5CM)  
    longitude: 4100
    latitude: 3500
Tear Strength(N):  
    longitude 380
    latitude 550
    longitude 15
    longitude 15


Ethylene Vinyl Acetate sheeting can be supplied in a wide range of grades. Yuan Da's EVA has been used for major tunnelling projects in China.

Standard Test Results
Item Unit Chinese Standard Test Result
Tensile Strength MPa 16 22
Rupture Elongation % 550 712
Tear Strength KN/m 60 80
Low Temperature Curvature -35oC No flaw No flaw
Permeability 0.3MPa, 30min No water penetration No water penetration
Viscosity in a cut environment N/mm 5 >5
Thicknesses available mm   1.0 - 2.0
Width available m   2.1 - 2.3
Length (standard) m 30 m   30



Basic Specifications
Property Value
Density (g/m2) 1.25 - 1.35
Tear Strength (N/mm) >40
Bending/curvature at - 20oC Nil
Filter Permittivity cm/s <10-11
Rupture Strength (longitude/latitude) MPa >15/13
Stretch Elongation Rate (longitude/latitude) % >220/200
Expansion and shrinkage % <5