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dimple wall drain sheets

Dimple Drain Core Dimpled drain mat with 150mm geotextile overlap
Dimple Drain Mat used as a horizontal drain under a concrete roadway Installation of Dimple Drain Mat


Yuan Da’ Dimpled Wall Sheet Drains provide vertical drainage behind bridge abutments, retaining walls, basement walls and horizontal drainage for rooftops and planterboxes. They offer a cost effective option to the conventional use of aggregate to form a vertical drainage layer for applications requiring high compressive strength and high flow rates. Yuan Da Dimpled Wall Sheet Drains are ideal for shotcreting applications.

Yuan Da's Sheet Drains are made from a HIPS or HDPE dimpled core, bonded to a high quality nonwoven geotextile.  The core’s high compressive strength resists high loads from in-fill and formwork.  Its stud-shaped dimples provide an air chamber between the sheet and wall to rapidly channel water from grade to the footer drainage system. They are resistant to saline solutions, alkalis and acids.

The drainage core is covered on one side with a high quality abrasion resistant non woven heat bonded geotextile with a 150mm overlap along one edge. The geotextile covering the dimples prevents soil particles blocking the drainage sheet, creates an air gap for reliable ventilation and provides hydrostatic relief by allowing high volumes of filtered water to pass into the drainage core.

Yuan Da Dimpled Wall Sheet Drains come in a range of sizes from 1.2m x 30mm. For larger applications the sheets can be supplied in widths up to 2.4 metres. Alternatively, the dimples along the edges of the sheets are easily pressed together on site, to form a wider sheet.

Typical Values
Size Weight (g/m2) Thickness (mm) Compressive Strength (kPa) Horizontal Flow Gradient=0.1 (l/m/m2) Geotextile Non woven 140g/m2
1200mm x 10mm x 20m roll (Single Dimple HIPS) 760 10 400 75 Polyester/
1200mm x 25mm x 20m roll (Single Dimple HIPS) 850 25 100 260 Polyester/


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biplanar and triplanar drainage geonets

Yuan Da's Bi-planar Drainage Geonets consist of two layers of non-woven geotextile bonded to a high strength HDPE Geonet core.  They are designed for in-plane flows over large surface areas. The Geonet core is UV stabilised with 2% Carbon Black and is chemically and biologically resistant. Available in 2m and 4m wide rolls with a 10cm fabric overlap, each batch is tested and quality certified.

Bi-planar geonets have a low intensity but high elongation and are suited for projects where the foundation is reasonable or the bearing capability demand is low, such as parks, temporary roads, banks and slopes. Geonets can be used in place of soil drains in civil and environmental applications such as under-slab drainage, leak detection, gas venting, leachate collection and as additional protection for waterproofing membranes.

Properties CE111 CE121 CE131 CE131B CE151
Width (m) 2.5
Length (m) 50-100
Aperture (mm) 8-6 8-6 27-27 22-22 74-74
Tensile Strength >= (kN/m) 2.0 7.68 5.8 6.4 1.82
Elongation at maximum strain <= (%) 41.0 20.2 16.5 18.6 23.2
Tensile strength at 10% strain >= (kN/m) 1.32 6.80 5.20 5.74 3.83


Triplanar (3rib) Geonet

Yuan Da's Tri-planar Drainage Geonet consists of two outer layers of inclined ribs separated by strong vertical ribs. The whole structure is bonded to a non woven geotextile. The high compressive strength resists crushing and the geotextile delivers a high flow rate under load while preventing soil particles blocking the drainage core. The top and bottom auxiliary ribs also reduce the depth the geotextile intrudes into the core.Triplanar geonets can be supplied without a geotextile.


Physical Properties Test Method Units Type Mark
Composition / / 3 ribs 3 ribs /
Polymer / / HDPE HDPE /
Additive / / Carbon
Geometric Properties
Thickness V=20kPa ISO9863 mm 7.0 7.6 a
V=200kPa ISO9863 mm 6.5 7.0 a
Unit weight   ISO9864 g/m2 >=1250 >=1550 a
Roll width   / m 4.00 4.00 a
Roll length   / m 25.0 25.0 a
Roll diameter   / m 0.50 0.53 a
Technical Characteristic
Transmissivity water V=20kPa ISO12958 l/m/s 2.60 3.00 a,b,c,d,e
V=100kPa ISO12958 l/m/s 2.40 2.80 a,b,c,d,e
V=200kPa ISO12958 l/ms 2.20 2.60 a,b,c,d,e
V=500kPa ISO12958 l/ms 1.80 2.20 a,b,c,d,e
V=1000kPa ISO12958 l/ms 1.30 1.50 a,b,c,d,e
Tensile Strength (KN/M)   ISO10319 KN/m 12 14 a,b,e
Elongation, %   ISO10319 KN/m 20 20 a,b,e

a= representative value
b= longitudinal
c= 2mm HDPE condition of pad border
d= l/m/s= 1.0E-3 m2/s
e= transmissivity and tensile strength tested every 25000m2

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drainage squares and void tanks

Void Tank Drain Squares


Yuan Da's Drainage Squares are suited to subsurface infiltration or water retention applications. Made from a blend of high quality PP and PE for added strength and durability, Drainage Squares are easily joined together to form a drainage mat or can be formed into blocks to fill a structural void. They are lightweight and ideal for the construction of infiltration tanks, sub surface channels and void spaces for rooftop gardens and planter boxes.

The high crush strength, rigid, flexible and interlocking structural drainage cell is suitable for many horizontal drainage applications. The cells capture and transport high volumes of water and provide additional protection for waterproofing membranes. They are suited to subsurface infiltration or water retention applications.

These 500mm x 500mm drainage squares are unaffected by moulds and algae, soil borne chemicals and bacteria. Structural Drainage Cells can also be supplied with a range of high-quality non-woven needle-punched geotextiles.


  • High flow rates (16.5 l.m.s)
  • High strength
  • Lightweight
  • Interlockable
  • Easy installation


wick Drains

Dual Core Integrated Wick Drain


Wick drains can significantly increase the speed of consolidation of very soft soils and the shear strength of the soils prior to construction. Many millions of metres of these drains have been used throughout Asia to prepare soft substrates for industrial and commercial development.

Yuan Da's dual core wick drains feature an extruded polypropylene core that allows maximum water flow and a high quality non woven geotextile filter bonded to both sides to maintain effective filtration. The dual core integrated structure better withstands installation stresses and offers improved filtration and drainage.

Wick drains are inserted into the soil by pushing the product to a predetermined depth at a design spacing distance to increase the drainage paths within the soil to be consolidated. The speed of consolidation can be increased by laying heavy concrete or other blocks on the above ground surface.

Yuan Da is a leader in the manufacture of wick drains in China. The dual core integrated wick drain has outperformed traditional wick drains made from separate cores and geotextile filter socks on hundreds of projects in recent years.

Typical Values
Item Unit Type A Type B Type C Test Method
  Dual Drain Core PE/white
Bonded geotextile filter PET/white
Width mm 98+/-1 98+/-1 98+/-1 ASTM D3774
Thickness mm >4.0 >4.5 >5.0 ASTM D5199
Tensile Strength(Dry state) KN/Core width >=2.0 >=2.4 >=2.8  
Lengthways Discharge Capacity @ 350 kPa cm3/s >=60 >=70 >=80 ASTM D4716
Lengthways Discharge Capacity @ 350kPa(buckled) cm3/s >=40 >=50 >=60  
Transverse Discharge Capacity l/s >=1x10-1  
Tear Strength (Lengthways) N >=70 >=70 >=70 ASTM D638
Puncture Strength N >=400 >=400 >=400  
Composite repellence break N/M No Rupture, No Peel off  
Filter Fabric Weight g/m2 105~120 >=105~120 105~120  
Thickness mm 0.28~0.32  
Lengthways tensile strength(dry state) N/cm >=25 >=30 >=30 ASTM D638
Transverse tensile strength(wet state) N/cm >=25 >=25 >=25 ASTM D638
Filter permittivity cm/s >=5.0x10-3 At water 24hours
Apparent Opening Size mm <=0.10  
Roll Width mm 98  
Roll Length m 250  
Roll Weight kg 30  


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